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Perceptive/Customer Monitor

After Customer Monitor detached from Perceptive due the growing size of Customer Monitor, Perceptive Holding group was created and we knew we would have to have an efficient phone setup for both companies. We were using  an external HOSTED VOIP PABX system for our 15 phones in the office which was costly as we had to pay per extension. The call quality was well below average and transferring a call to another extension would take up to 30 seconds at the best of times.  Thus we decided to switch to the 3CX system and start using IPPhoneIT’s VOIP trunks. The switch over process was easy and well managed. We weren’t offline for more than 5 minutes.  The call quality has greatly improved and calling an extension is ultra-fast. Any small issue is dealt with quickly and professionally.  Before upgrading to the mikrotik firewall that IPPhoneIT offered, our UFB Fibre connection would drop off erratically, now it is as reliable as clock work and also really fast. We highly recommend the team at IPPhoneIT  for all you VOIP needs. They are a capable and well educated team.

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