What is VoIP?

VoIP is a new generation telephone service which allows users make business grade phone calls over a broadband internet connection to save money. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than calls made using a standard ISDN or analogue phone line. VoIP users can expect to save to 40%+ off their normal  telephone bill.
Traditional PBX systems connect phones in your office via a twisted pair telephone cable to a central telephone system.  There’s usually a patch panel and lots of wires.  This is usually in addition to network connections between desktops and router.  If you are in a very small office you might have a simpler shared phone system and wireless connections to your computers.

An IP based phone solution is connected with your typical network.  The phones are network devices like any computer or server.  If you are wiring a new office this means you only need to run network cables and in most case you can run one cable for an IP phone and then connect a computer to that phone to “share” the wire.  You can also choose a PoE solution, which sends the power for the phone as well as the network connectivity across the same cable, instead of using a power plug at each phone.

There’s not much to an IP PBX (VoIP Server) it’s basically a computer with PBX software so it is a pretty simple logically.  Because it is software based it is easy to update, so patches and new features can happen on a regular basis.  Also a network based phone system can be extended beyond your physical office to offsite computers (using software phones) and offsite phones.  A virtual office phone system can connect a main office, branch offices, employees working from home.

An IP PBX(VoiP Server) usually offers great GUI tools to manage the system, lots of voice mail storage and a wealth of features.  You can customize the phone prompts and add complex call routing and notifications via email etc.

We provide a variety of VoIP solutions depending on size of business and customer requirements.This includes business grade SIP Trunks(VoiP Lines) and great calling rates.

Solutions include very basic installs using existing analogue phones for small customers just inerested in call savings. Other solutions include advanced PABX solutions with multi site connectivity callcentre CRM/Unified communications features.

Given the cost benefit in terms of hardware and wiring and the breadth of solutions, the IP PBX solutions are the future of office phone systems.


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