Call plans and charges

NZ Termination and Origination

Set Up Costs
New 0800: $20.00 + GST 
New local: No charge at present

Porting Charges

$18.00 + GST per local number ported. Applies to fax and phone lines, We support every region in New Zealand

$20.00 + GST per 0800 number ported. Applies to fax and phone lines, Any TNAS carrier can be ported

Line Costs

Charges apply to both ported and new numbers, and both fax and phone lines.

1st Local Number/Trunk         $10.00 +GST/month 

Additional  Line/Trunk            $5.00 + GST/month
FAX Service                           $8.00 + GST/month
0800/0508                            $8.00 +GST/Month

Calling Rates

All prices are per minute and are charged at a 1 minute minimum and per second thereafter.

Local:         2 c/min + GST

National:     5 c/min + GST

Mobile:      16 c/min + GST

NZ landline inbound to 0800:      6 c/min + GST

NZ mobile inbound to 0800:      24 c/min + GST

Payphone surcharge of:            30 c/min + GST


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