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Internet Connections

We provide UFB, ADSL and VDSL connections for business.
When delivering these services to you we make sure the customer needs come first and changing providers is a simple process with no interruption to business services.

Ease of Switch/Cutover
We will contact you first to get your current modem/firewall settings and configure your new Modem/Router to the specifications you require so cutover is a seamless process.

Service PLUS!!
In event of an internet/line outage we can also provide temporary loan 3G wireless modems/connections for your office to keep your business running.

If you must have internet always on and can’t afford for the internet to go down. We can implement failover internet connections with either Wireless 3G or second internet line for a robust connection.

Telecommunications (VoIP)

IPPhoneIT offers reliable cost effective business grade VoIP solutions for businesses.
All telecommunications in the not too far future are going to be delivered over VOIP so it’s not a matter of should I move to VoIP but when.
IPPhoneIT can arrange landline, Internet and VOIP connections on your behalf.

V0IP providers, VoIP Services and VoIP phone systems all vary in quality.
We make sure you have the correct connections and equipment to provide a robust reliable phone system.

IPPhoneIT will analyze your business telecoms needs and costs and come back with an appropriate VOIP Solution to meet your needs.

WAN or Wide area networks.

Over ADSL Connections wan connections are very slow, the only way to get a decent WAN connection was over a dedicated Fibre or HSNS connection which were too expensive for a lot of smaller NZ Businesses.
With UFB (Ultrafast Broadband) and VDSL Fast WAN connections are now achievable at a fraction of the cost they were 1 year ago.
WAN solutions also give you the ability for secure remote file access to other offices, remote PABX connections for true inter-office connectivity

Give us a call for a now obligation quote to speak to one of our technical team if you are looking at implementing a WAN solution.


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